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Haraaz Coffee Farming

Step Farming

Step Farming - Yemen

Centuries old stone steps, carved from rocky mountain slopes, create conditions for sustainable farming. A tradition that continues today.

Haraaz Mountain Range

Haraaz Mountain Range - Yemen

A panoramic spread of vast Rocky Mountains, Haraaz provides a glimpse of an ancient agrarian culture. Old stone houses form clusters of villages on high peaks. Some disguised by jagged rocks – others perch on high, like watch towers.

Climate for Coffee

Ideal Climate for Coffee - Yemen

Yemen, holds the ideal climate with a perfect balance of the warmth and shade needed to create good coffee.

Ancestor seedlings of Haraaz coffee were the first cultivated coffee in the world, grown on high stone sloped terraces at elevations between 1,500 and 3,000 meters above sea level, approximately 500 years ago 

Finest, Freshest Coffee Cherries

Fresh coffee cherries

Coffee farmers rotate among the trees approximately three times a month, choosing only the cherries that are at the peak of ripeness.

Sun Drying

Sun drying

Hand-picked red cherries are sun-dried on mats made from natural fibers of date palm trees. This ancient method provides the best conditions for developing quality coffee.



After harvesting the ripe, red coffee cherries, they are cleaned and then placed in the sun to dry up to four weeks among rooftops of Yemeni farmer's homes.