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About Us

Al Lulua - Pearls of Yemen

Al Lulua (Pearls of Yemen)
Yemen Specialty Coffee

The word Lulua, means pearl in Arabic, and represents something rare, fine, admirable and valuable. We aspire to bring you coffee, Pearls of Yemen,  from local farmers in Yemen to your household upholding fairness and transparency. Not only does this help benefit the farmers economically but also brings socio-economic reforms in the impoverished country by eradicating “qat” plantations (a narcotic plant)

Family Owned

Family owned and operated

We are a family owned business (in partnership with Al-Ezzi Industries, Yemen) and serve as partner, distributors and resellers of Yemeni green beans, roasted whole beans and freshly ground coffee.

Supporting a vision

Supporting a Vision

Al Lulua is committed to pay fair price to the farmers and trade directly with the farmer cooperatives via Al-Ezzi, to develop sustainable agriculture and long-term health for the Yemeni mountain communities. By sourcing the coffee directly from Al-Ezzi who in-turn sources it directly from the farmers, we play a crucial role in bringing the Yemeni coffee directly to the consumers.